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GPS Tracking For Financed Vehicles

We work with a number of banks to secure motors vehicles they finance for their customers. The information on which banks we work with will be availed to the customers upon request. Request Now

Choice of GSM Tariff for GPS Tracking

The options on offer are pre-paid and postpaid for the GSM simcards and the operational differences will be clearly explained to the customers prior to GPS installations so they are able to make an informed choice as to what would work well for them.

However, whatever the option the customers picks, they are to take up the management/payment of their GSM bills directly with the telecommunication service providers.

GPS Tracking System Access

The tracking platform we use is web-based and all customers will be provided with access accounts and passwords to monitor their vehicles from any point with internet access.


GPS Tracking


The Price for installations per vehicle is Kshs 20,000/- and Kshs 18,000/- for motor cycles which includes cost of installations, installation accessories. An annual recurrent cost of 4,800/- for GSM tracking bills and service charges.

Additional costs may be charged for GPS/Alarm system installations in far-flung areas to meet the costs of travelling and logistics. The exact costs will depend on the distances from Nairobi and other factors.

Get your car secured at Just:

Ksh. 20,000/=

GPS Tracking

Terms for all Installations

Pre-installation inspections will be carried out on motor vehicles/cycles prior to the installations of our products. This will help ascertain the status of the motor vehicles and to avoid incidences where undocumented claims are made after installations.

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GPS Tracking Price:

KSH 20,000

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